Tips for Hanging Your Wreath

     The types of wreaths that will typically be sold on this website will be grapevine wreaths. These wreaths typically do not need an extra hook or loop attached in order to hang them. When hanging grapevine wreaths simply attach the hook on your door, window or wall to the back of the wreath at any sturdy point.When it comes to choosing a wreath hook, there are a variety of options including magnetic hooks (that are typically best for metal or thin glass doors), traditional "S" shaped hooks that loop over the top of the door, or a new device that I recently discovered called the Clever Hanger.

     The Clever Hanger provides an invisible, secure way to display wreaths on your home window or door. They can be purchased directly from the company's website:

     If you plan on hanging your wreath on a wall in your home, I recommend purchasing a hook system that is typically used when hanging pictures indoors. This type of hook can be found in your local hardware store. To view an image of the product click here: Home Depot Website. Make sure that the product you purchase is the correct one to handle the weight of your purchased item. Staff at your local hardware store should be able to advise you if you are unsure what hook will work best for your situation.

Care and Upkeep

    Caring for your wreath is simple. When on display, the wreath may need occasional dusting with a duster or damp rag. I do not suggest using any type of cleaning product unless the product is designed for silk and fabric, as the cleaner may stain or tarnish the flowers on these creations. Even if the product is designed to clean fabric, I suggest testing the product on area of the wreath that is tucked away, ensuring any damage or discoloration is not noticeable. Always follow the instructions on the cleaner you are using to ensure maximum efficiency.

    As the seasons change, you may want to store your wreath. I suggest using a box or zippered storage bag large enough to allow breathing room around the wreath. One great wreath storage bag is sold at the Improvements Catalog. Their zippered storage bags range from 24"-36" and can hold 1-2 wreaths.

   Whatever type of storage you use, make sure that the flowers are not crushed, as this may affect the appearance of your wreath when you take it out of storage next season. I find that crumpled tissue paper or thin newspaper is the best way to provide support and a cushion for your stored wreath. Just lightly fill in the gaps between your wreath and the storage device with the crumpled paper. 

     If you have any questions about displaying or caring for your wreath, please Click Here to send them to me. I would be more than happy to answer any questions or concerns you have.